Hey there, thanks for dropping by. I'm Chetan Manda and I'm currently based in Manhattan, New York.

I love working at the intersection of design, tech and social impact.

I strongly believe that everything good in life can be achieved through intentional compounding.

Read on to see how it's shaped my life.


Right at the get go, I was lucky to be dealt with a great set of parents.

Although my parents weren't super privileged themselves, they ensured that I only get the best in terms of education.

I couldn't get to play video games or go on world tours like the other kids did, but the tradeoff was definitely worth it.

I learnt two of the biggest lessons in life from my parents: Grit from my Father and empathy from my mother.


I was exposed to competitive sports very early on in my life.

My biggest force of motivation turned out to be those who doubted me the most. I learnt how to channel negative energy and turn it into an unending pool of motivation to help me perform better.

I learnt to apply this in my academics as well, regularly finishing in the top 5 throughout school.

The biggest takeaway for me was: 'To remain relevant, you have to keep moving forward'


I ended up getting into one of the best institutes in the country, IIT Guwahati where I pursued my Bachelors of Design.

I learnt that being surrounded by good people is a competitve moat that is hard to compete with.

Your network directly impacts the information you consume, the ideas you concieve and the decisions that you take.


Starting off my career in a high intensity, meritocratic environment like Sprinklr has given me a boost that I'm sure will compound over time to produce good outcomes.

Covid-19 has impacted me in a big way; physically, mentally and spiritually. It has caused me to question many things in life and ruthlessly reprioritise what is important and let go of what isn't.

Shown here is a typical day working remotely, in 'the new normal' I still believe that the best is still yet to come :))


I love to Travel

I’ve personally found traveling to be the best way to get out of my comfort zone and experience life in different ways.

Notable Achievements

🌟 All India Rank 3- UXplorer | National UX Competition

🎓 All India Rank 51 - Undegraduate Common Entrance for Design

🏀 Represented college at National level basketball competitions

🎬 Director of Design for the Enreprenuership('18) and Technical('19) fests in college

🔎 2 Research Papers published in the field of Designing for the Hard of Hearing

🚀 OnDeck Catalyst and Kernel block 4 fellow

😇 Shown above are words that came from someone whom I respect a a lot. I consider this a personal achievement too